P5Engage Leadership & Management Podcast

Niket Karajagi, your host & AtyaasaaOnline e-learning MOOC, brings you Audio Learning Portal on real-time people and management challenges that organizations face in the current Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous World.  There are four shows on the portal as under:

  1. Eternal Elements podcasts are an initiative to bring to you the best practices of behavioral sciences from management and anthropology. Eternal Elements provide answers to questions that consistently challenge Corporate Leaders and create perineal dilemmas.
  2. Maverick Entrepreneurship podcasts are curated for Startups, Unicorn & Global Enterprises. The intent is to provide all the knowledge that is needed to accelerate business orbits continually.
  3. Zen in Leadership is a Podcast Show for Spiritual Quotient in Corporate life. These are deep Zen moments and thoughts to transform the leadership style. Zen is thus a way of life.
  4. Eternal Podcasting Principles is a show meant for Podcasters. It is all about creating, growing, and monetizing podcasts.

Go ahead engage with the audio world of podcasting at P5Engage.com.

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