A “Design Thinking” Approach To Learning

Welcome to the content site of Niket Karajagi; Founder Director Atyaasaa, an accomplished Coach, Leadership Facilitator & a Design Thinking Professional.

Here you will find relevant concepts of Leadership, Organization Development, Organization Behaviour & Management. This site has been created with the intent of providing easy and pro bono access to learning enthusiasts who wish to be future ready professionals.

Feel free to access video channels, blogs, digibooks, newsletters, analytics and much more, which will be updated at frequent intervals as we deliver new exciting projects all over the world.

This is our aggressive initiative for shadow coaching aspirational professionals through a rich content-driven technology platform.

We suggest the following usages of this site:

  1. Individual Personal Mastery pursuit of Leaders
  2. Virtual Organization Development Platform
  3. Coaching tool for managers to coach their teams
  4. A handy preview to seek solutions to team and organization issues
  5. Latest Industry relevant conversations for B Schools

This Virtual Coaching Platform is based on “Design Thinking” concept.

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