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The new-age manager will know that life is a problem. This is a great spiritual belief that Buddha left behind for us. However, the struggle today is that we feel life should not be so problematic. And for a few, life is all about being comfortable. Let us look at the outcome of life being easy. Let us assume that the entire environment is conducive to no problems whatsoever. The business would then run on its own. We would all have then lost our jobs. Thank God that we are facing problems every day because that is what gives us our bread and butter. We are needed because there is a problem and we provide the solutions. So the success lies in welcoming problems. When we face problems, we learn, and when we learn we evolve. Certain nations term problems as opportunities. And that is why they are amongst the richest nations today. The greatest breakthrough of this belief is that you are beyond the factors of stress and unhappiness. The new age managers will know it well.

 The new age managers will be highly intuitive. Intuition is not a capability, which is acquired. It is a capability we are all born with, without exception. The point is that we never used it. We are conditioned to believe what we see. Intuition transcends beyond all the analysis and logic that we apply in our lives. We just for some reason know what is right. The new age managers will operate on this intuitive conscience. Conscience tells us what is right and wrong. It operates in accordance with the laws of nature, and then we do not need the policy and the procedure manuals. We only needed the manuals to cover up our faults. We used them to apply logic and interpretation to clauses in the policy documents to endorse the wrong. When we took the right decisions, we did not refer to the policy and the procedures. New age managers will use policies and procedures for the well being of everyone in accordance with the intuitive conscience.

New age managers will be aware of the qualities they are born with. They will be aware; creativity is a gift they have and will use it extensively. This is one quality no other being has. They will operate on commitments because it is the only value that builds the character of a person. Professionalism is all about honoring each and every commitment. They will know that every commitment they honor augments their will power and ability to face challenges. Thus, commitment builds personal power. Personal power gives us the courage to take on higher challenges. They will also spend a lot of time with themselves for introspection, to be aware of their capabilities and develop new ones.

 The new-age manager will know the power of the human mind. They will be the believers of ‘self-fulfilling prophecy.’ We become what we see ourselves as. New age managers will be aware of human capabilities and power. Self-introspection alone makes you aware of it. When you know your powers, then you make your world. When you do not know your powers, you wait for the others to make your world. But the fact is others will never make your world. The new age managers will be self-aware and will create a powerful world of their own.

 As the Buddha says it aptly:

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.”

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