Dimensions of Political Risk in International Business

International Business investments are prone to Political Risks. Political risk is referred to as threats to business that decisions, events, and conditions including change of leadership & unrest in a country that would negatively impact the profitability and sustainability of investments owing to political and geopolitical developments. Political leadership plays a vital role in the... Continue Reading →

International Business-The Challenge of National Cultures & Creation of Inclusive Work Environment

Nations are characterized by their uniqueness of culture that creates a subtle identity even though it comprises varying subcultures. However, the core values and ethos remain unaltered at its deepest level over a long period though it does change over time. Though the cultures of different Nations differ, it is not easy to call out... Continue Reading →

The Aspect of Strategic Human Resource Management in International Business

As the world progressively becomes borderless, the factors of production capital, human resources, and technology will become increasingly mobile. The land as a production factor being the only constant and immovable. The challenge of human resource management would be then to provide critical people who will be International resources. 21st Century shall see an increased... Continue Reading →

Designing Organizations for Borderless Operations

International operations are an ever-evolving phenomenon. It is a dynamic world as the environment is volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous due to Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental & Legal interplay. Also, the organization's design must support the International Strategy a firm chooses to execute. The critical aspect is that one needs to take an informed... Continue Reading →

Dimensions of International Marketing In Borderless Business

Business sustainability in the 21st Century demands an International presence irrespective of the type of product and services. In this global village, demand exists everywhere, and quality supplies can move quickly beyond borders. Internationalization of Marketing strategy is thus the critical aspect of business growth. International Product and Service Strategies present the following four dilemmas.... Continue Reading →

International Business & Strategic Fit of Supply Chains in the New World Order

International expansion is always a strategic objective in this Globalized World. The interdependence of countries requires the movement of goods and services across the continents. Thus International Supply Chain Design is seeing a renewed focus. Supply chains are the essence of business as they satisfy the essential utilities of time, place, form & possession, of... Continue Reading →

International Business Expansions Plans-Looking Beyond Gut & GDP

The adage all that glitters is not gold, is a reality in International Business expansion plans. It is essential to deep dive into a lot more data, as my experience with Global Leaders is that they mostly make two common mistakes: Heavy reliance on GDP Growth Rate. Taking a gut call or being led by... Continue Reading →

History of Eternal Existence of International Business

International Business has existed since historic times. The approach of Mercantilism marked the Pre-World War era. Nations aspired to achieve export surplus through colonization of countries. Thus, raw material imports would come in for free, and the finished goods could then be exported back to colonies in exchange for gold or other precious resources and... Continue Reading →

Borderless Business & National Specialization Key to Sustainable Economy & Business

The devastation of World War II led to an understanding that global cooperation is the only way for sustainable prosperity and well-being. The winds of change started with creating the Bretton Woods twins World Bank & IMF and later, GATT's creation and transformation into WTO. The rapid growth of National Economies that were collaborating through... Continue Reading →

Manoeuvring The Turbulent V Shaped Economic Recovery

To think that any V-shaped recovery of the economy from now onwards will be spontaneous and smooth is being naive. As a student of International Business and an Anthropologist, I have been studying consumer & business behaviors and Socio-Political behaviors, and the findings are fascinating.  The economy has its own characteristics of cycles, the bust... Continue Reading →

PostCOVID19-The Era of Continual Reinvention of Business Models

Pandemics and significant events of such nature redefine the paradigms of existence. Purely from the observation aspect, we see organizations that are flourishing and others who have either lost out or are just about managing to survive. What creates this dichotomy?

Organizational Human Resource Dynamics In The New World Order of Post-COVID19 Normal

Organisation Human Resource Dynamics must undergo a change to prosper Post-Pandemic. Reinvent your recruitment, development and performance management.

Impact of Personality Types on Work from Anywhere Dynamics

The MBTI framework has emerged as an eternal tool for Personality Typing and for knowing the individual preferences for the four dichotomies and thus, the associated impact on the collective group dynamics. I endeavour to use the framework to evolve a hypothesis for productive work from home.

Why Mentors Will Be A Proven Resource To Resurrect From Devastation Of Bio-Economic Warfare.

Mentors come with a diversity of research and practical experiences. They are the ones who work on the entire Value Chain of the organization and behaviours.

Why the Old School Thinking Will Ensure the Downfall of Businesses In Post-Covid19 World

Post COVID19 World is a new paradigm which needs tech enablement and design thinking as a norm. Learning will need invention and cash need will accelerate.

The Post-COVID Cryptobiotic Business World

The Post COVID World is thus for Cryptobiotic Tech-Driven Design Thinking Agile Organizations driven by a strong sense of purpose and wisdom-based Leadership involved in a perpetual process of disruptive innovation.

The VUCA Era of Design Thinking Tech Enabled Blended Learning​

The VUCA Era of Design Thinking Tech Enabled Blended Learning is the norm of the day. Digital Organizations are a reality and blended learning is the key to structured learning. The point is are we readily embracing it.

Organizational Effectiveness through Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion are the keys to success in the World of Globalization. The word Global itself encompasses all the attributes of the tangible and intangible aspects of this Universe. Moreover, the "Creation" works on Yin and Yang the two essential components that balance the life force energy. Diversity means recognizing that each is unique... Continue Reading →

Neuro-Science of Change Management the Appreciative Inquiry Way

If change is the only constant thing then why do we resist it? The answer is simple it is all about our past habits and thus the programmed behavioral responses to change. We are all prisoners of our past practices and change demands new behaviors. Let us explore the exciting world of change. Change needs... Continue Reading →

Arresting the Progressive Behavioural Decay at the Top of the Pyramid

Success and failure of every organization must be attributed to Senior Leadership behaviours. After all we live in the world of triggers and responses.

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