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Reality is the truth. The way a person deals with real-time situations of a challenge are significant indicators of behaviours and are also a transformation experience. I endeavour to share the best transformation activities to look at:

RAPPELLING: Going down the rock face can be a tremendous transformational experience. It is a mirror that shows our reaction towards a perceived negative outcome. It takes us through all possible emotional highs and lows. The point at which the fall is taken is the moment of truth. Trusts, a conviction in self, ability to overcome fear and optimism all get tested in one go. The best moment is when the activity is completed. One relooks at how we tend to overly underestimate ourselves. It is indeed an experience worth undergoing.

Our attachment to body triggers fear. Once we walk through the pattern, we realize life is not what it seems to be. We understand how often we have taken a safe bet to preserve credibility.

A theatre is a fantastic way to help people discover their life script and responses to their behaviours by others. This concept works in the individual discovery and teamwork. One does not need to be a theatre artist to undergo this work.

Dance movements help realize your issues in an artistic way. A script being enacted through dance can actually submerge you in the pool of your emotions.

Challenging outdoor games can be great to test the resilience and creative abilities. It is a great check on leadership competencies that one displays in real-time

SIMULATIONS: Simulations help understand and imbibe knowledge while it also gives indicators of a person’s behavioural tendencies. Some of the best simulations can actually help a person test his competencies and enable a change in self. I personally believe that the above can help create workshops, which are different from what people look forward to. Also, they can act as great transformation tools.

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