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We wonder why some people are spiritual and some are not. This is not the right question to ponder on. We need to wonder why some are awakened and some are not. The point is everyone is spiritual. I say so because we all have a quest to know constantly about life, about ourselves, and about the afterlife. I say ‘afterlife’ because some of us are not sure if there is life after death. We are only curious about these questions and when we sit to discuss we debate over them. We then initiate an unending futile process.

The point to be understood here is that spirituality is not to be discussed or debated. It is to be experienced. It is our personal rendezvous with our own selves. It takes us to an answer beyond the question “who am I?”

Why should we tread on this path which is taken by very few people? I will then ask, why do we complain of suffering in life? What we sow is what we reap. This is the purposefully forgotten Universal Spiritual law. It is purposefully forgotten because some of us think we are above it. All religions and management practices talk about it. So if we do not understand what life is, then we also do not understand how to lead it. For every cause, there is an effect. We then say life is so complicated. It should not be such a big problem. The fact is we are leading a life without knowing its rules. Scriptures are not the rules of leading the life rightly. We will then only be groping in the dark.

We are right by saying life is a problem. It is the greatest truth Buddha has ever said and which others have discovered. Once we accept that life is a problem, then everything becomes so easy. The expectation that everything should be fine just drops. When these expectations drop then, we are ready to face the challenges in life. False expectations will always bring misery to us. Just imagine our expectation from life itself is all wrong. So everything that follows will be all wrong. Thus spirituality is nothing but a quest for the truth. Everything that is truth in life is always silent. It has to be discovered in silence.

We must know that our heart answers all spiritual questions. When we ask ourselves whether we are eternal beings we will get the answer. When we ask ourselves if we live after death, we will get the answer. Every answer we seek from outside will never convince us; outside there is only noise. Inside us is the silence, the truth. Outside will not convince us because we are spiritual beings of light, love, and knowledge. We have all the answers we seek. We only have to give ourselves the time to discover the truth. The answer that our heart gives us the first thought where no logic is applied. It is simply the truth. It is what your conscience tells. We must learn to listen to our hearts and then take decisions in life. Two things happen then. Decision-making becomes easy, and secondly, the decision is based on truth and will always be good though on the face of it, it may seem difficult.

Being spiritual means to experience a state called love. Love is not to love people only. It is a state. When it is a state we just love, and there is no reason or barriers to it. Every emotion governed by anything outside of us is seeking approval, and we will never feel comfortable. These are anger, frustration, depression, fear, anxiety, etc. When we seek emotion from inside it is only love and compassion. As long as we live with these internal emotions, we will always be happy. No wonder loving is not easy.

Love means giving up ourselves no matter where we are or who we are dealing with. We have to love all, and we cannot be selective. Either we love or we do not. There is no middle path. But remember there was no occasion when we felt uneasy with the emotion of love. We only felt energized. So to be spiritual is to learn to love.

Being spiritual does not mean going to the mountains. It just means we awaken ourselves to reality. We learn to face reality. We need awakened ones who are the real powerful ones. Because once we know the truth, nothing can shake us. So let us resolve to turn inward and lose ourselves in the experience of truth and love.

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