PostCOVID19-The Era of Continual Reinvention of Business Models

Pandemics and significant events of such nature redefine the paradigms of existence. Purely from the observation aspect, we see organizations that are flourishing and others who have either lost out or are just about managing to survive. What creates this dichotomy?

Impact of Personality Types on Work from Anywhere Dynamics

The MBTI framework has emerged as an eternal tool for Personality Typing and for knowing the individual preferences for the four dichotomies and thus, the associated impact on the collective group dynamics. I endeavour to use the framework to evolve a hypothesis for productive work from home.

Art of Creating and Sustaining High-Performance​ Teams

High-performance teams are a must cause in today's uncertain business scenario. Each leader must invest time and effort in building great teams or be lost out on the space of time

The Link between​ Performance Management and Employee Engagement

Fair performance management and employee engagement go hand in hand. Performance management is the essential seed for business outcomes yet so neglected by leaders.

Participating Wisely in Nation Building

Social Identity can be created only by contributing towards a larger cause in life. With all the expertise one garners it becomes a duty to contribute to nation building.

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