Training the Number Game – The Worst Form of Capability Development

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Though I agree, training is a target driven activity, but a sheer number game hurts. It creates a credibility issue. Participants don’t look at it as a developmental activity and only as a fact that it is a fill rate exercise. It is time now that we re-looked at the training methodology. My view is that training needs a different treatment.

Firstly plan some definite interventions based on specific organization needs. These should be strategic people development objectives that will take the company to the next level. Some examples could be Coaching, Manager As a Coach, Training on strategic competencies.

Regular sessions on Organizations Competency Grid are essential. However, participants must experience behaviors listed in the grid, and the debrief of the workshop must be based on the organization’s desired behaviors. Generalities won’t do. It is important members realize the leadership language.

Soft skills sessions for people inspired to acquire them. These can surely create a huge impact on the personality of an individual.

Functional skills to upgrade the technical performance is also an essential factor.

If all the above are addressed, then training surely creates value. Also, it is important that before an individual attends a workshop, it is the manager’s responsibility to prepare the individual for a feedback and behavioral change goals. Training by no means is a retreat. Managers play a significant role in creating accountability for an individuals change.

My sincere feeling is that members of an organization must understand training process end to end at all levels only then it creates the desired change. Else it remains a number game.

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