Organizational Human Resource Dynamics In The New World Order of Post-COVID19 Normal

Organisation Human Resource Dynamics must undergo a change to prosper Post-Pandemic. Reinvent your recruitment, development and performance management.

The VUCA Era of Design Thinking Tech Enabled Blended Learning​

The VUCA Era of Design Thinking Tech Enabled Blended Learning is the norm of the day. Digital Organizations are a reality and blended learning is the key to structured learning. The point is are we readily embracing it.

Arresting the Progressive Behavioural Decay at the Top of the Pyramid

Success and failure of every organization must be attributed to Senior Leadership behaviours. After all we live in the world of triggers and responses.

Art of Creating and Sustaining High-Performance​ Teams

High-performance teams are a must cause in today's uncertain business scenario. Each leader must invest time and effort in building great teams or be lost out on the space of time

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