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Let us look at the larger agenda behind the organization politics. This is for those who know politics is detrimental to the organization but out of their urgencies postpone their decisions to control it. This is also for a few of those who feel that it is a great check and balance method to have in the organization. These factors are essentially a creation of a larger agenda behind the politics that exist in the organization.

Politics is nothing but a game of survival played by the ‘network’ – a group functioning to maintain status quo and ultimately destroy your organization. They can be described metaphorically as the ‘Lucifer agents.’ The best part is even they do not know that their acts are destroying their organization. However, to cover up their incompetence and thus play the game, they have to form a close network of people in the organization. The sole objective is to provide cover to each other, and it is not surprising that they hold key positions in the organizations. It is again a part of the agenda, which incapacitates forces working against politics including the top echelon of the organization. They will meet in their homes; have private parties and the ‘clean ones’ shall always be avoided. There are times when they would go all out to present and pursue a plan in the interest of the organization. However, this plan again is for their benefit, a hidden agenda. These plans come up when there is a need for them to strengthen their position in the organization and to expand the ‘network.’

What you sow is what you reap. That’s the law that prevails. Politics sows insecurity, discontent, and stagnation. Thus you reap an environment of mistrust, favoritism, and lack of growth. These factors are essential for Politics to play its role and strengthen its roots in the organization. This is the only way it can engage people in issues, not in line with the ultimate purpose and contribution to the organization. The whole plan is to stop the growth of individuals and thus the organization. Because if the organizations and individuals connect with their higher self and start moving towards their purpose, then these forces in the organization would lose ground.

Its time the CEO’s of the organizations took a serious view of this and took remedial measures soon. It is dangerous to surrender your organization to forces of destruction and suffer in the long term. The agenda is very clear, personal growth through incompetence. The agenda is also to eliminate the forces of competence. The higher agenda is an unconscious systematic destruction of the organization.

I know of organizations which invest in human resource development programme to bring about positive changes. These programmes help to connect with your higher self and for continuous self-development. They are absolutely essential. However unless the forces of restraint are managed adequately, there would be no change in the culture of the organization, and it would be back to square one. In any case, there is always a set of people which does not attend these programmes because of personal or official urgencies. The not so courageous, report sick during these programmes; if this is happening in your organization, then these programmes are a waste. Ensure that these people are present come what may. Someone else can manage urgencies.

The organizations of today need to meet up the challenges that exist. The only way is through a focus on its people. They have to set up a plan to understand the politics prevailing in the organization and nip it in the bud. The policy makers of the organization have to make a conscious effort to retain performers in the organization.

Align people to the organization mission through personal missions. Personal missions are a connection with your higher self. The success ultimately lies in connecting with your higher self. Unless your people win your organization cannot win.

The choice is yours whether you want to survive or be a winner in the market today. What you sow is what you reap; which is also the law of cause and effect.

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