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It is a great business sense to have young leaders in key positions. It makes the organization creative and fast-paced. The more experienced act as Coaches and Mentors and that can enable an expansive Enterprise. Technology acts an accelerator for developing and fast-tracking young leaders. This combination makes the organization agile.The more the young leaders in an enterprise, better its scalability too. The best attribute of young leaders is their energy and aspirations.

The more the young leaders in an enterprise, better its scalability too. The best attribute of young leaders is their energy and aspirations.

The question is, how do we select young leaders, develop and then deploy them.

Let’s discuss this project in three critical steps:

  1. Selection of young Leaders: Use validated tools to select young leaders. Psychometric instruments give a deeper insight into individual traits. You may choose the tool that fits your need the best. However, the tool must provide insights into motive and talent of an individual on validated task competencies. Select people with high motives, expertise can always be developed. As far as possible subjective assessment must be avoided. Use technology-enabled tools, they cut time and cost.
  2. Development of young Leaders: People learn by doing. Live projects hard-wire new capabilities. Expose these young leaders to various innovation projects. Innovation projects that are ROI driven give significant exposure to the young talent. Assign a Mentor from within the organization and an external coach to work on culture alignment and behavioral competencies respectively. Assess the individuals regularly through analytics in live projects and feed the findings to both Mentor and the Coach. Use technology to map the change of each leader. These dashboards help the talent to measure themselves against data.
  3. Deployment of young Leaders: Once the Coaching and Mentoring process yields desired results through analytics put the Leader in a real-time leadership role. Now the Coach and Mentor act as a back up for consolidating the success behaviors. Use technology to provide feedback and feed-forward. Use apps in Coaching make great sense. Once the leader is ready, then let go.

young2Coaching, Mentoring, learning management systems, apps and digital dashboards for tracking change is the best combination to nurture young leaders. We now live in a world where technology will play a vital role in all developmental interventions.

The above three steps need to be customized for sure based on the needs of the organization, but an emphasis on technology is now an essential component. So go ahead use a combination of human experience and technology-enabled content to fast track your young leaders.

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