Organizational Human Resource Dynamics In The New World Order of Post-COVID19 Normal

Organisation Human Resource Dynamics must undergo a change to prosper Post-Pandemic. Reinvent your recruitment, development and performance management.

Impact of Personality Types on Work from Anywhere Dynamics

The MBTI framework has emerged as an eternal tool for Personality Typing and for knowing the individual preferences for the four dichotomies and thus, the associated impact on the collective group dynamics. I endeavour to use the framework to evolve a hypothesis for productive work from home.

Neuro-Science of Change Management the Appreciative Inquiry Way

If change is the only constant thing then why do we resist it? The answer is simple it is all about our past habits and thus the programmed behavioral responses to change. We are all prisoners of our past practices and change demands new behaviors. Let us explore the exciting world of change. Change needs... Continue Reading →

Arresting the Progressive Behavioural Decay at the Top of the Pyramid

Success and failure of every organization must be attributed to Senior Leadership behaviours. After all we live in the world of triggers and responses.

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