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The new-age leadership will be spiritual. There is a trend called ‘the new age’ wherein people worldwide are taking to spiritualism. Whether it is the stress factor in the current socio-economic system, spiritual awareness, or a new phenomenon, spiritualism is fast catching up. The new millennium is all about evolving spiritually, as leaders. All those who have the ‘spirit’ to grow and want to become economically secure need to understand the essence of spiritual management. The new millennium seeks leadership and empowerment. Delegation and management through control are practices of the past. New age managers will be leaders who achieve growth through a purpose and have a high degree of self-awareness.

We have witnessed a consistent change and growth in every aspect of our lives over the centuries. This is in accordance with nature’s law, which is growth and change. There has been a consistent advancement in technology in all fields. The Internet has virtually redefined the scope of business. Nature knows no boundaries or barriers and the same is true with the internet. It would not be an understatement to say that the internet is spiritual. The internet is indeed symbiotic. It is a space where all the data, hardware, and companies coexist in a symbiotic association. Internet applications have been consistently growing every day. It is a space where so much knowledge exists. No wonder, the internet has been such a great success.

The society has also evolved over the years. The entire world has shown change and growth. However, when it comes to our jobs and lives we are all in a comfort zone and no change is welcome. We want to lead a life full of certainties. We are averse to face the unknown. We are conditioned to fear the unknown. New age managers will always be ready to face the fear of the unknown. They will operate outside the comfort zone to achieve breakthroughs. It is a proven fact that every new invention or a shift is a result of breaking away from the paradigms of the past. Success for them will be venturing into unexplored horizons.

The new age managers or leaders will be people with a purpose. They will know that our existence on this planet is no accident. Earth is a planet of choice. We are responsible for the choices we make that shape our lives. They will know it. They will be there to deliver a unique purpose through which they and the society will evolve.  They will be aware that every challenge is a ‘learning’, necessary to evolve and grow. Every challenge means operating out of the comfort zone and treading into an unknown area. The success, then, would be the true success because the result will not be in their control. A failure will then only be interpreted as learning. They will know there is no failure in life, only learning. And learning is evolving.

The new-age management will be all about change management and spiritual growth of people on this planet. It will be coexistence for growth of all; a true symbiotic association. No wonder some managers are already speaking a different language.

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