Why Do We Work?

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I meet approximately 500 new people every month, and it intrigues me ‘why people choose to work?’ My informal discussions have reached a point of understanding that people work for seven reasons and I list them hereunder with a brief synopsis of each.

  1. The first basic reason that drives people to work is pure, simple sustenance of life. This is a problem area. This brings monotony and boredom at work and is a sure-shot approach of mediocrity at work. The idea here is simple, remain activity-oriented even if results are not accomplished. The frustration of not doing monetarily well seeps in and creates a more rooted aversion to work ultimately.
  2. The second reason is they like to work. However, this is mired in aimless activity, and they get involved in any kind of work. Though on the face of it everything looks nice about them there is surely no orientation towards career goals. These are high energy individuals who are all over the place.
  3. The third reason people work is status and power. The characteristic of this style of work is the gratification from an increase in influence by controlling extra people, better projects, and designations. This style is hollow and egoistic. People operating with this style are undoubtedly tough to get along with. In the long run, frustrations and stress create work issues for them. They live in a severe state of conflict which ultimately takes its toll on health and relationships. Life remains a fight always.
  4. The fourth reason is a sense of contribution. These individuals are good as they want to help people and organizations grow. They want to use their talents to help people however the risk here is, that they could forget their own goals. This style could be marked with a lot of compromises because relationship orientation is very high.
  5. The fifth reason is learning. These professionals have a deep need for learning and will take up challenging projects. As long as there is learning they will be with you. The day the learning stops, you lose them. Though everyone does say they are here to learn, it is mostly not true.
  6. The sixth reason is they want to constantly create something new. They are great innovators and surely an asset to the organization. Too many of these could actually create a highly innovative organization but without any sustenance of what has already been created.
  7. The seventh reason is self-actualization. These professionals know what they want to do and pursue it diligently. They derive satisfaction through creation, destruction of what is not working, and sustenance of what is working. They work with an internal inspiration and are the best people you can ever have.

workmainMy message in this article is unequivocal, “help people discover the seventh reason and you will surely create world-class companies”. Self-Actualization or being in sync with your Ideal-Self is the only way to enjoy the work. If work is stressing you out then you are not operating out of your passion. It is time to rediscover your Ideal-Self. Are you aligned with your passions and values? Are you an Authentic Leader?

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