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Managers manage, Leaders aid and support performance so what do wise leaders do?

Wise leadership is all about working for a cause. A cause is the highest state of enabled wisdom through which a human being can operate. Cause brings focus and also nourishes one’s soul. Visualize how boring and mundane it is to go to work just for the sake of going.

Cause and contribution must be delinked. A contribution is good, but a cause is going beyond it. Contribution essentially means helping someone in some way. However, a cause is working for creating collective success or satisfaction. Senior leadership in an organization must have a clearly defined cause for which they must want to work. The cause could be a business cause or a social
responsibility goal. Cause powers a human being to deliver superlative performance and create superlative collective success.

A cause is a purpose which is a calling of the heart. Very few discover it, but once you have, you can’t live without it. It is a desire operating at the highest potential of intelligence. He believes every individual on this planet is born for a cause. It helps not only discover self but also drives us to experience our personal power and abundance at spiritual and material levels.

Cause creates fear. It takes us into a realm of uncertainty. It shatters our belief and programming. It redefines our identity & relationships, and this is the core reason why people do not wish to take this path. We find it dangerous as we stop enjoying the mundane. One surely has to pay the price for pursuing a career of a cause. There are lots of failures, but a few successes can take us into an absolute state of ecstasy. The job then ceases to be a job, it becomes a passion; something for which one can give up anything. The price paid for living a life without a cause is much too high than the one with a cause. A cause is thus worth the price one has to pay.

One could take some time out in their life and introspect on what they wish to do. If they do not; and the time has come; it will shatter the ecosystem making one think and align. Some learn to live with this early life/midlife crises, and the ‘smart’ take onto the path. Though a price has to be paid, it is worth in the long run. What’s the point if we walked the planet without leaving a legacy behind? After all, a human being is born to win, and only a cause will create that absolute win.

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