The Art of Intrapreneurship

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The business scenario today, is very challenging. We need more for less. The same applies when it comes to an organization’s productivity. ‘CTC’ is an ever-increasing number, forcing organizations to define job roles aggressively. In my journey as an entrepreneur, my need has always been to include intrapreneurship at all levels in the organization. It is important to realize that an intrapreneur is similar to an entrepreneur in the mind-set; the only difference is that it is a paid role as an employed professional.

At each level in the organization, right from the bottom of the pyramid, these individuals need to be spotted and developed. The best differentiator between an employee and an intrapreneur is the approach towards the job. While a regular employee is more focussed on what the organization can do for him or her, an intrapreneur is focussed on what he or she can do for the organization, to create personal and organizational abundance. An employee always looks for a conducive environment for performance while an intrapreneur knows he must thrive in turbulence and mayhem. Let us study some key differentiators:

  • Intrapreneurs do not seem to enjoy certainty. It is found to be boring. They question status quo at all times. The creative mind is always ticking to move to the next orbit. The ecstasy in the job comes from continually creating something novel and providing a substantial contribution.
  • They always trail blaze into new domains and unchartered territories. They seem to enjoy the uncertainty of newness. This keeps the organization in a perpetual state of discomfort which is paramount for creating any high-performance organization.
  • They seem to naturally create excellent formal and informal networks both within and outside of the organization. One can see them occupy positions in associations and organizations that increase their circle of influence. They have a towering visibility within and outside the organization.
  • Their analytical mind works in tandem with creative sense. Thus, they are exceptionally good in creating models and structures that become a backbone of success for the organization. Their grip on functional skills and leadership competencies goes hand in hand.
  • Their ability to communicate and influence is exceptional. They seem to speak from their heart, and it is difficult to question their conviction. A so-called rational mind at times, an intrapreneur finds it very complicated to fathom the concepts generated by them. It is thus, important to nurture them and their ideas.
  • Their appetite for risks and challenges is very vast. They somehow seem to swiftly forget their failures and move on rapidly. However, the memory of success is permanently etched in their mind. They are thus, eternal optimists even in times of tribulations. This gives them the power to generate alternatives and solutions in the worst times. You seldom see them go defensive.
  • They are go-getters and exceptionally passionate. They are driven by intrinsic desires.

All professionals driven by extrinsic desires ultimately experience frustrations. This internal drive creates tremendous wealth, both for self and the organization. This internal drive also creates a high self-worth. To become an exceptional intrapreneur, it is imperative to have done business in social, corporate and government business. This brings in a holistic view point and completeness in approach. Unfortunately, at top echelons of the organization, this experience comes only from one or two fronts. The holistic development of the mind requires all types of exposure.

We are living in troubled times which requires us to persistently scale up and not become obsolete. Intrapreneurship is the only way to avoid the trap of falling into professional oblivion. So go for it, emerge as an intrapreneur and keep your jobs and career intact and progressive.

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