Winning against Odds is not a Game of the Faint Hearted

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When push comes to a shove in life, it is not logic alone that bails you out. There are some abstract truths, which need to be understood and practiced. The first Eternal truth is that we are all born to win with the use of wisdom, intelligence & strengths which are the natural endowments. It is imperative to understand the process of life, to gear up mentally for each turbulence, which is a root trigger for any future success to manifest. Self-belief and questions we ask are self-fulfilling during times of challenge. Be careful of your inner talk and loaded questions that support a negative belief.

It is also imperative to know that the process of life initiates lows and challenges so that Universeour brain can get wired to use its intelligence. When we think; neurons fire. Challenges create new brain wiring. Thre are trillions of neurons bestowed upon us for perpetual firing and creation of infinite neural-pathways. Every new creation arises only from nothingness and chaos. Life as a process is not designed to remain calm and stable. If a human is in the journey of evolution the intelligence has to be activated and matured with the passing of time. Only challenges help us evolve as a better person. Maximize your neural pathways.

The next eternal truth is that Absolute Intelligence is feeding to its awareness through our experiences. So everything that happens is a perpetual game of experience. What is thus expected is to play this game hard but with hope and joy; after all, wisdom is applied only during trying times. To believe that one is not controlled by the process that controls this Universe is somewhat naïve. Challenges allow us to reinvent ourselves continually.

Since we are born to win, the rules of the game are relatively simple. At the outset, we need to know time can change anytime. After a high, there shall be a low, and after a low, there has to be high. Impatience does not help. But the application of wisdom surely does. A lot many give up without a fight and too early. Perseverance is the key. Grit only comes when we kindle hope in us and keep it alive that the future will be different. Instant gratification is a problem delayed gratification is the key to success.

If one is surrounded by too many problems close one issue at a time. Go after the easy difficulties first or the quick wins. Also, a belief, that there is always a principled way out helps. Competence and strength of the mind always support success. Also, Faith is fundamental in the game of winning. There shall always be times when we feel helpless. At that point in time, our competence and intelligence fail. Unstinted faith in Self or the process of life and higher intelligence assists. Effective relationships are also essential for managing lows in life.

It is important to understand here if we are clear about the future we envision, coincidences do happen.  And they do happen. Opportunities always exist around us the knowledge within us is the eye to spot them. The more we are on the quest of personal mastery more the opportunities we can spot. Develop the eye of wisdom. So the bottom line for winning the game of life, use and develop creative power and surrender to the process of life; things will happen for sure.

So the bottom line for winning the game of life, use and develop creative power and surrender to the process of life; things will happen for sure.

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