Nurturing Performance through the Power of Feedback & Feedforward

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Human beings are “types” as categorized by Jung in his theory of personality types, which later became famous as MBTI Instrument. As per him, we are ultimately products of “Nature & Nurture.” We must, therefore, develop a system in organizations for “Nurturing” to be effective. “Nature” is a part of our physiology, which can be helpful or it may be unproductive. “Nature & Nurture” ultimately manifests itself in the outer world as behaviors only.

Performance is a result of appropriate correction or development of behaviors through feedback. A behavioral measurement-based learning intervention also aims at the development and correction of behaviors ultimately. An organization and its performance show a strong positive correlation to collective behaviors. Unfortunately, we tend to focus on results without corrective and nurturing mechanisms for behavioral change.

The following steps will help organizations build a culture of feedback and feedforwards:

  1. Leaders must take responsibility for implementing behavioral changes at all levels.
  2. Groom leaders on human behaviors. They must become techno-people managers.
  3. Do create the behavioral frameworks for success for the organization and make it your DNA. Activate your competency framework in all aspects of business irrespective of organization size.
  4. Create “controlled” environments in your organization for people to become “wired” for giving and taking feedbacks & feedforwards.
  5. “Convert your managers to “Performance Coaches.” Convert all “tea room conversations” into productive feedbacks.

Leaders must also focus on their team’s inherent behaviors of success. An input well in advance will always boost performance. Feedforwards tend to be more productive and feedback-1978036__340rewarding. Make leaders accountable for the performance of their teams. The only exceptions here being “toxic employees” as they will never perform. Invest time in feedbacks and feedforwards in regular reviews and make them as frequent as possible. After all, it is better to correct than live with issues.

Make feedback and feedforward a part of your DNA. Organizational culture can be interpreted very deceptively, and members can protect unproductive behaviors under the garb of the so-called “Our Culture.” Therefore build dashboards to measure a behavioral change for each team member. This brings accountability to personal change.

Feedbacks and feedforwards must become the inherent “Nature of organizations for Nurturing performance.” Performance has an uncanny nature of plateauing and only a change of behaviors will peak performance. Make a choice “Plateau or Perform.”

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