Sculpting Careers With Emotional Intelligence

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We live in a world of choices, and we are the Masters of our own decisions. Like Carl Jung’s research on MBTI states, we all have a Personality Type that we are born with. This psychological DNA will ultimately want to express itself in all its magnificence as we mature with experience. We mostly call it the mid-life crises which is nothing but a point in life where we have to either go by our inner calling or be content with the skills that we have mastered.  The calling of the heart, unfortunately, is always a “Road Less Preferred.” And life goes by its own neutral “Karmic route” of Cause & Effect. Thus our decisions shape the effects we encounter in our lives.

The Authentic Leaders both Men and Women Leaders have taken charge of their life and steadfastly moved to sculpt careers which are in line with their innate passions. The challenges are similar if not identical to the respective genders. Emotional Intelligence provides us with critical insights as to how these Leaders unlocked the Power of their Vision. For one, both Men and Women chose to be Masters of their life process and not be mere helpless witnesses to the vagaries of situational challenges. Both used the age of 25-35 years as their defining moments of truth in life. Others did it later in life, but they did!

The discussion on the subject can be supported by the Five Emotional Intelligence Competencies as under:

  1. Self-Awareness: It is all about knowing what we value in life. Values are elements of importance to us. We must also be clear about our innate passion and inner calling. It is a “silent inner voice” that keeps poking us to do what we yearn to do. Self-Awareness taps into our Dreams, our strengths, special interests, and, development areas.  Once we give energy to Self-Awareness, we now move into the space of crafting our own unique careers. Self-Awareness gives us our unique “sense of purpose.” This sense of purpose helps us break our mythical “glass ceilings.”
  2. Self-Regulation: Once we take on our Careers of Passion, uncertainty and emotional highs & lows are a part of life. Our passions can obsess us, and we may then start experiencing social guilt. After all, shaping up new careers can take a toll on our personal lives. It is important to remind ourselves of our sense of purpose at this point in time. Interestingly people start modifying their behaviors when they align themselves with this sense of purpose. Modification of behaviors leads to a change in the thinking process and mindsets. However, Self-Regulation of negative thoughts and emotions is a continual process. Ultimately emotions are energies and have a finite life. Emotions and thoughts are interweaving elements. Self-Awareness supports Self- Regulation on a constant basis.
  3. Self-Motivation: Altering the course of our career is not an easy proposition. There are hurdles and pitfalls. However, managing our motivation through a focus on a sense of purpose requires “autonomous motivation.” It must not be misunderstood as an intrinsic motivator. Autonomous Motivation is a conscious practice of determined-motivation against all the odds with a long-term perspective to succeed in the chosen career path. Once people align with their passions in the early years, it is the autonomous motivation that takes them through. Once success starts showing up then it is the intrinsic motivator that gets active. While the path of passion will always create turbulence, it is the prime use of autonomous motivator that takes us through.
  4. Empathy: It is but natural for our near and dear ones to experience discomfort when we change course. We must not see it as an opposition to our motives. It is a concern that emerges in their minds naturally after all everything was fine, and there was no need to start a new chapter in our lives. Express what you feel to them; Help them understand your inner world. We rarely discuss our inner worlds with people. When we express our feelings, people empathize. Discuss their feelings about the change that they see. This conversation on emotions is the key element of this journey.
  5. Social Intelligence: One cannot succeed alone. You require an eco-system. Both Men and Women who succeeded in crafting great careers had a well developed backup system. Also, to give velocity to our new career choice, we must have a network of professional and like-minded winners who can take us ahead. Coaches and Mentors are also a vital element of this proposition. There has to be a consistent effort in expanding the circle of productive relationships. Social Intelligence is the key to transcend our Passion & Career into new geographies.

All those who were the sculptors of their careers carefully crafted their careers with finesse and detail. They were never sure in the beginning but as small successes came SideSculpttheir way they kept themselves going. These careers require persistence and self-development at all times in life. Opportunities are monetized by those who are willing and capable. IQ is not a definer of success. Logic fails when such careers are built. Careers driven by Passion and Sense of Purpose are formed on the edifice of uncertainties and unexplained whim of the heart.

The moment of truth is when the passion and career of choice becomes an inspiring story for others to practice. Ultimately we can only leave a legacy behind for others to cherish when our own Passion relishes the fruits of success. It’s not about money alone it is all about living an enriched life that helped us evolve as we lived and walked the planet.  It is about doing what we were always meant to do. We are born to win.

The question is; are we going by the calling of our heart or our underlying falsified fears?



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