Fear And Abundance

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We are all spiritual beings of light, love, and knowledge. We are all driven by a life force within us, and our feelings have a great impact on this life force. Love is the most powerful feeling in life.

Any feeling that is contrary to love is always a negative emotion. These negative emotions are acquired emotions, and we must learn to control them. These emotions are not natural and thus will always cause pain. Negative emotions will always seek approval from the people around us. We will never get approval from people because even they are constantly seeking approval. It will thus diminish our life force and make us feel weak. However, there is one emotion that is natural and we were born with it. We had it right from the time we entered this world. An emotion called fear. To evolve, we need to learn to overcome our fears. This is one breakthrough we must achieve.

First, we need to know about this emotion called ‘fear’ before we decide to forsake it. Fear is an emotion that arises when we are not in control of what we want. These wants are ‘desires.’ When our mind goes into the future, a mode of expectation we feel fearful. We are taken over by questions like ‘will it happen or will it not happen.’ When the mind goes into the past, we mostly recollect failures, and then we become all the more fearful. We need to learn to manage fear. When we do that we evolve. Our life on this planet is to evolve. This is a planet of free choice. It is up to us whether we wish to evolve or devolve. When we talk about spiritual management, we have to learn to overcome our fears. Breakthroughs will always happen when we are courageous. And courage is all about taking action even though the fear of failure exists. A courageous soldier is one who takes the choice of fighting the enemy in spite of the fear of death. Overcoming fear needs courage. It means taking a path which only a few tread on.

We can only overcome fear when we are spiritually aware. There is a lot to do here. It could also be contrary to the way we view our lives. We think we are very powerful and we aspire to be more powerful. ‘Ambition’ is all about seeking power directly or indirectly. Ambition is surely an intense desire to be powerful through economic rewards and position. We then become fearful. This is because we are not sure whether we shall achieve our ambitions. Moreover, our ambitions are ever-increasing. We then manipulate and become more fearful because we know it may come back to us. The law of ’cause and effect’ always prevails. But we take extra effort to tell ourselves that we are above it. We may also choose to discount this law of karma in a particular case. Manipulation leads to further manipulation, and we make choices that make us all the more fearful. We then become aggressive and demanding in order not to show this fear. We try to bulldoze ourselves through because we are fearful. We then develop ‘ego.’ Ego is a state of separateness. It is a time bomb of self-destruction that we set off in ourselves. We need to distinguish wisely between succeeding in life and being over-ambitious.

We need to venture on a path that will rid the fear within us. An unconditional surrender takes away the fear within us. Only those who do not fear or sincerely wish to overcome fear will surrender. This needs intense faith in the fact that we are not the ‘doers’; when we call ourselves the ‘doers,’ we are fearful. We only have the choices to make, and the consequence is beyond us. We have to surrender to the consequence and accept it. Rather than ponder over it. Accept the present in totality as it is. We are powerful only in making our choices. We have no power when it comes to consequences. Consequences of life ‘happen’ and we have no control over them. When we learn to live in the present moment, we are away from fear. Living in the present moment is bliss. It gives us true happiness. Meditation is all about being in the present moment. It is a moment of full awareness of all the thoughts within us. However, we feel what use is the meditation to us. We call ourselves powerful though we are powerless in front of our own mind. It stresses us out and then builds toxins in us only to attract diseases.

Our success lies in overcoming fear, which happens through an act of surrender. Surrender to the fact that we shall make the right choices in life, which are in line with the laws of nature. Accept the consequences the way they are and take full responsibility for it. Only the weak complain. We are the ‘pure consciousness,’ and there is divinity around us. We are the piece of the whole. Accept it and surrender to it. There is a divine plan behind everything that happens in life. We have to let ourselves be used by the unseen forces for a good cause. You will then sense a lot of things happening which we call coincidences and miracles The corporate world has to work towards being spiritually aware. There is no choice. We have to treat our life on planet Earth as apart of divine schooling, which we have opted for. Making money is a part of this process, and it exists in abundance. When we are spiritually aware we can then tap into the abundance. We need to help people around us become aware of and evolve. That is what we mean by beings of light. You will not shine by holding on to desires. Desire is a double edge sword. When you do not get it you are in sorrow. When you get it you want more. There is no end to it. And that is what Bhagavad Gita says; keep doing your work without expectations. Keep making the right choices in life and surrender to the consequences. When you do this you have no fear. Expectations will always give birth to fear. Even death we fear because we have an expectation from it.

And lastly, if you wish to claim the abundance that is in store for you then you need these five qualities. You need to learn to love everyone without exception. You have to learn to love difficult people. You will need compassion, humility, integrity, and honesty. When you have it you will surrender without fear. The ego will automatically cease its power over you. Surrender and loss of ego will sublimate all fears.

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