Is It All About Artificial Intelligence Now?

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As Neil Turok says very interestingly “We are Analog beings living in a Digital World”. This is a very potent statement as the craving for haptic experiences will always remain howsoever we incline towards the digital world. Symbiotic seamless integration is the way forward. Our need for personal socialization will forever stay at the forefront that digital technology will not be able to provide.

We are witnessing the fourth industrial revolution now. It is the age of Analog & Digital symbiosis which will bring the concepts of Sci-Fi imagination to the world of reality. It is a revolution that that is marked by technology breakthroughs in the areas of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Nanotechnology, 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing, and Fully Autonomous Vehicles. All the technology areas mentioned will integrate and become ubiquitous and will move into the space of all-pervasive collective Technology-Driven Intelligence which will impact the way we live and work. The Fundamental question that humanity will struggle with then is “How do we keep ourselves occupied in a meaningful way?”  If the average IQ of a human is rated at 100, AI-enabled systems will operate at an IQ of 10,000 upwards with no exaggeration what so ever. The practices of the AI world will be very different and will evolve as under:

  1. Humans will create machines on the fundamentals of deep learning. This means while the necessary knowledge will be provided for by the humans including beliefs and values for decision making during the creation stage; the machine will then learn on its own through individual and collective IoT cloud-based interconnections. This will happen while they communicate for satisfying infinite collective human needs.
  2. Collective Deep Learning will happen amongst machines through their connection with each other over the Internet of Things. This means all the individualistic data of machine experience will be collected & integrated on the cloud and big data analytics algorithms will enhance the human experience in digital form. This will move all products and services into a perpetual model of increasing human need satisfaction and behavioral analysis.
  3. The addition of productivity and value will now be through subtraction. This means all experiences, processes and, systems that can be moved into the digital world will be continually done. This will result in the subtraction of human intervention and devices and guarantee an output free of human errors & device obsolescence and compliance deviations. This ubiquitous technology will create a new socio-economic mechanism and order.
  4. The overall satisfaction quotient derived from AI-enabled personal, and business experiences will be multifold in comparison to Analog experience. Humans will thus redefine their communication and emotional strategies. Robotics will move into the domain of companionship with humans with increasing interconnected collective intelligence over the next 20-30 years. Humans and Robots thus built will partner in all endeavors of life through nano and biotechnology.
  5. The human dimension will get more crowdsourced and democratized in nature with ordinary people participating in innovation & critical analysis of events all around us. Expert opinions will be subsets of the crowd opinion. Thus opinion leaders and influencers will be found on socially intelligent platforms along with commoners. This will dilute the control of the blessed significant minority, and a new social order will come into being.
  6. Manufacturing and retail will move into the dimension of 3D printing. Intelligent Websites will thus have digital forms of products, and 3D printers will be at home to physically print all options of purchase. Even complex manufacturing processes will deploy machines which are IoT-AI-Deep Learning enabled and work with 3D printing technology which will redefine the business models of parent and ancillary companies. Medical science will use 3D printing for organ regeneration. This technology is already under test. It will redefine the paradigm of human life expectancy. Apps will rule the roost.
  7. Nations and Global economies will be driven through AI-enabled systems and monetary transactions. This will bring in higher compliance and adherence to regulatory norms. Currencies will move from plastic to electronic versions. Almost all economic activities will come into the realm of the digital world.

Our homes and offices will be thus AI-enabled. Corporate structures and work designs will get redefined. Organizations will shrink in size and numbers, and yet be more Sideproductive. Human relationships and technology will forge emotional ties and will need a reassessment of Social Capital. AI-driven products will educate humans and make us more aware through new media content and information to add value to our lives.

However, the existential question of how will be humans working and adding value will keep nagging us in the times to come. Is the 4th Industrial revolution empowering the digital world beyond reasonable boundaries? There shall always remain the polarity of pros and cons in whatever substantial we do.

But I am sure we are moving into exciting times of a symbiotic engagement of Analog and Digital World which will bring its own merits and demerits. The world will witness the phenomenon of “Embracing & Distancing” operating together in the process of transformation of the way we live. Being Techno-savvy will be a continuously adaptive learning process.

This phenomenon of continual “Embracing & Distancing” operating together in the process of transformation of the digital world may answer the existential question which only time will tell. Periods of Digital Detox will soon be the essential elements of life!



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