The Debut of Socio-Techno Savvy-AI Integrated Work Design & Jobs

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This Planet has seen multiple revolutions and renaissances, which is a part of the evolutionary process of the consciousness of this planet Earth. Modern history has seen revolutions that have focussed on the improvement of the quality of life. Since change is the only thing that is constant, then significant socio-economical changes will be a certainty in all ages. We now enter the period of socio-techno artificial intelligence age. This will create changes in the way organization design works and the nature of jobs.

Hybrid systems of complimenting intellectual assets of Technology, Application Platforms, Analytics, Internet, Websites, Apps, Bots, Plugins, Social Media and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, will raise the productivity of the organizations. They will also integrate into current work designs and systems. They will also contain the complexities of human dynamics that take shape owing to a large workforce. This hybrid eco-system will even redefine the operative structures of the organizations. The entrepreneurs will be forced to align with these complimenting assets for sustainable business growth and to maintain a competitive advantage. Traditional ways of running Enterprises will increase their fixed and variable costs and thus will experience stress. Organizations will increasingly become extroverted techno-savvy as years pass owing to the pressures of exogenous forces.

Let us first discuss the psychology of organizations which is the way Founding Directors and Boards would think and behave in the coming times in line with the above changes. Organizations will move from being Lean to “Ultra Techno-Lean.” Hybrid complimenting assets will replace people and will bring down fixed costs of Infrastructure and allocated people assets. As we go, “Ultra lean,” Organization Pyramid will be “Inverted Pyramid”  with a very high level of focus on Leadership Behaviours and Customer Focus. Organizations will shrink in size into “Holons” of high interdependence and co-creation. However, the toplines and bottom lines will grow consistently if these assets are mobilized. Large organizations will accelerate with lesser people and competency functions outsourced to techno-domain design thinking specialists. This will give rise to a breed of “socio-techno savvy domain design thinkers.” They will facilitate organizations to enter the space of “disruptive and blue ocean human experiences businesses.” Big data analytics; predictive and prescriptive will back the success of these human experience opportunities.

The Impact on the job market will be tremendous. Jobs will redefine, and nature of competencies will evolve to the next level. At the entry-level itself, there will be an acute need for passion & focus, cognitive intelligence, pattern recognition, and social & emotional intelligence will be prioritized. Techno-savvy will be the definer competency of entry-level jobs. As supply will be more sidethan demand owing to technology assertion, organizations will get choosy. Middle managers will have to demonstrate the behaviours of leadership early in the day. Coaching will be an essential competence at this level. Jobs at the senior level will be only for the “best.” It will be for people who show “Global Thinking and Thought Leadership.” Needless to say, jobs will get continuously redefined owing to machines that will learn faster. We are looking at times where young leaders will play a significant operations role. Seniors will play the role of Coaches and Mentors.

The Social dynamics of careers will change completely in the coming times. There will be much emphasis on non-conventional techno-savvy careers. We will see people moving into entrepreneurship which correlates with their passion and ideal-self. We will witness the advent of start-ups in the areas of unconventional needs. The mindset of professionals will move to design thinking entrepreneurship as we see it happen now itself.  Start-ups and exits will be the new norms. Large organizations will invest in start-ups to maintain their competitive advantage. Venture Capitalists will grow in numbers with Senior Leaders opting into careers of aspirational Entrepreneurial Mentoring Roles.

So what should we do to adapt to these new trends?. Firstly focus on ‘personal mastery.’ It is not about being efficient or effective anymore. It is about being the best. The routine tasks machines will ably handle. Tred the “Road Less Travelled” to keep your career secure. Focus on gaining a diversity of experience as machines specialize. Our neural networks will have to beat those chips, circuits, and architecture of artificial intelligence assets. The new norm will be “Be the best or perish.”

Traditional careers will be diminished in the role, the competence of unconventional entrepreneurship will be the new definer of success. Are you enthusiastically ready for the changed work designs?

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  1. This article introducing us to potential future advancements for some of which we already started experiencing early signs … insightful and encouraging too …

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