The Revolution of Accelerated E-Learning (MOOC)

Knowledge has always been the differentiating-advantage for both individuals and organizations. Personal Mastery is an eternal competence confirmed by various researchers time and again. Acquisition of Academic Credentials and then accelerated upgrading of Behavioral Competencies and Technical Skill-Sets is a continual process in this fast-changing Business World. The current paradigm is; upgrade fast to win else stagnate into obsolescence.

The world has changed considerably since 1994 with the advent and maturity of the Internet. The technology also has been fast evolving. Devices and apps are becoming much more powerful and omnipotent. They are taking over almost all domains making expertize available instantly. Powerful Smart Devices with optimized form factors and internet driven cloud-based services are redefining all aspects of human systems. Analytics is using big data to map consumer experience and decision making.

Like Music, Books, Cinema, Expert Conversations, which moved from physical world experience to digital formats and then to personalized handheld devices, Education is on the cusp of such a revolution. Quality education always needs expert teachers, experienced coaches, able trainers and they are not readily available. Scalability and infrastructure is also an issue. Remote locations do not have the privileged access to these resources. Masses are becoming tech-savvy by the day; smart devices are becoming an integral part of our lives; The need for self-paced learning is becoming essential owing to hectic professional lives. Thus, MOOC is becoming the new norms in Education, Corporate & Social knowledge. It transcends the constraint of time & geographies.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC); are the new reality in the world of education. They are fast taking over the domain of learning. Their edge lies in power of expert content, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. There is a massive saving in logistics cost associated with the delivery of knowledge. Infrastructure requirement has diminished to Smart-Devices. Case studies and quizzes ensure effective transfer of learning. MOOC is thus challenging the paradigm of Quality Education as an “expensive proposition.”

MOOC is thus a domain-specific digital content authored in the form of videos, blogs, digital books, handouts, slides, quizzes and case studies, consumed by individual learners. This content form will keep evolving as the technology evolves. Having designed and experienced this platform extensively, I consider MOOC in three essential categories:

  1. C-MOOC or collaborative learning platform. Here User Generated Content (UGC) is the learning driver. Experts and learners both generate content through collaborative learning.
  2. E-MOOC or Expert MOOC: This is a platform authored by a thought leading expert in the domain and controls the content, design & delivery mostly on the fundamentals of Instructional Design.
  3. H-MOOC or the hybrid MOOC which use both C&E MOOC combination to drive learning.

Education content will now reach the remotest corners of the Planet through MOOC. Learning will get cheaper by the day. Expert delivery will be accessible to one and all. Education will now move into the new paradigm of Self-Paced Learning. Even children will be exposed to this power of the MOOC. With Virtual Reality now running into Augmented Reality interactions with experts over MOOC will seem real-time very soon.

Universities are now actively creating MOOC platforms. Corporate Leadership Coaching MOOC2& Training is now moving into the space of MOOC. Our own MOOC AtyaasaaOnline sees fast acceptance and rapid deployment worldwide. My analysis and insights show MOOC will be soon replacing traditional learning delivery.

The interaction between Humans and Technology will now ensure the faster evolution of competence in Nations, Organizations & Individuals. It is now the responsibility of Leadership to shape the Nations and Organizations to this new reality.

Teachers will experience a new power and visibility with this MOOC revolution as they will now be able to connect with masses with speed and ease to transfer knowledge. MOOC will revolutionize delivery models of schools, colleges, universities and corporate learning thoroughly.

Are you ready for this MOOC revolution?

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