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Careers take multiple twists and turns even though they may seem to be stable. Professionals master skills and enter a very predictable business zone. Predictability in business always breeds boredom. It is thus a good choice to move into the space of Intrapreneurship once one has mastered skills. Today’s middle-aged professional must look at this as a very serious career option. The best way to do this is to look for an Entrepreneur who is willing to fund your dream. I am talking about passionate entrepreneurs who wish to expand their business but do not have the bandwidth to do so. An Entrepreneur and an Intrapreneur are thus great friends and companions who can build a huge business empire. An entrepreneur is willing to take all the risks while an Intrapreneur applies his creativity and skills acquired over the years. Intrapreneurship options may well be available in your own workspace. Some essential qualities required to be a great Intrapreneur are as under:

1.Shared vision with the entrepreneur you work with

2.Strategic capability

3.Creative bent of mind

4.Critical thinking

5.Great people management skills

6.Captivating coaching skills

7.Control on operations

8.Financial skill-sets

9.Logical and analytical mind-set

10.Capability to convert a dream into reality

The world has few entrepreneurs, but we can surely create many Intrapreneurs. It is a journey full of fun and excitement as one can do what one believes in. You have the cushion of mentorship from an entrepreneur while you are your own boss. You are in command of the organization and have the free will to get results. It is an action-oriented job and a well-paying one. Therefore, my suggestion is ‘go for it.’ I have personally invested in Intrapreneurs. I can say as an entrepreneur that it has put me on a fast track as I can create start-ups and handover the running of my business to able Intrapreneurs. This is a great win-win combination for sure.

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