Gearing Up for Spiritual Renaissance III

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In the last two parts, we discussed the layers on which we work to bring about the necessary changes in our personality and the character. The final layer is the one above the identity that you carry, which gives a new definition to your existence. It defines the unique purpose you have in life. Through this purpose, you can make a contribution to the organization and the betterment of the world you live in. The highest layer is the spiritual layer. When this layer directs all the other layers with your unique identity as the driver, it results in a total proactive approach to life. You would be completely driven by your mission and not the environment. You have then taken charge of yourself through your unique purpose and identity. Your mission is your ownership, and you have to discover it. It is the difference you are going to make to the world; so that the environment depends on you than you being dependant on the environment. This is the key to inner peace and satisfaction.

Since all the layers are aligned, it is a congruent life that you can lead. You are absolutely clear of the job, the capabilities you need to develop, and your beliefs and values are aligned with it. This is what we ultimately call taking charge of yourself. Again this is by choice whether you wish to discover your mission and execute it. My experience is the moment you discover your mission and aligns with it you connect with your higher self.

This higher self is outside your personal ego boundary. All your needs are now a by-product of your mission. You are now leading your life for a purpose, and there is a meaning to the way you live it. You are now living for the world and yourself. By contributing to the world, you evolve.

The connection with the higher self gives a different view of reality. The reality now is your higher self. It is your guiding force. This guiding force is only light, love, and knowledge.

Once you start pursuing your mission opportunities come your way. All the prerequisites to deliver the mission line up very easily. That is my personal experience. I am more than sure it is because of the proactive approach and then of course ‘God helps those who help themselves,’ becomes a reality. You no longer beg for resources but ask because the cause is genuine. I have seen people at peace when the layers are aligned, not that difficulties do not come up. However, we have the power to overcome them because the purpose is supreme here.

Connecting with your higher self is connecting your intellect with the inner source of power which people sometimes refer to as the ‘soul’; the energy that drives us. The energy within us is the driver, and our body is the vehicle. Imagine a vehicle driven on its own with the driver ‘asleep’.

It is now time the driver within us wakes up. We realize each one here is here for a purpose through which we evolve. It is time we look at being effective at work. It is time we took charge of ourselves.

There are two choices one can make in life, the first to earn a living by working. The second choice is to work for a purpose through which we earn our living. The first is a pure compromise to the situation again by choice. The second choice is where learning and peace is. The people who live with mission ultimately leave a legacy behind. The choice is, do we want to leave a legacy behind or die as an unknown individual. All people who lived for a purpose were ordinary men who evolved through a mission, and it was their choice. These are the people who converted their frustrations into their contribution and made the world a better place to live in. They connected with their higher selves. So can we, it is just a choice we need to exercise.

As I said earlier, planet Earth is a planet of choice, and we evolve by making our unique contribution to the planet through which our learning comes. This contribution is governed by only one law; the law of ‘cause and effect’. It is time to think about what we want to sow in our lives rather than being unhappy with what we are reaping today. There is abundance in the world provided you follow the laws of nature.

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