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We get used to being hands-on right from our early years. It becomes a habit terrible to let go of! There is something fascinating about habits they are not only challenging to let go of, but it is scary to make go of because they are a part of our personality.

To step into the shoes of a Leader, one must want it as though gasping for breath. Leadership is a choice that has to be made which requires a complete overhaul of our behaviors. But there is an exciting fact of behaviors with practice they become habits. So the question is how does one step into leadership.

Stop the survival game and move into the space of co-creation. Become a thought leader in your space. It automatically creates followers. It is all about aiding and support people to perform. So stop being a doer. Learn to work with other leaders. It helps imbibe new behaviors. Gain experience repertoire by doing different things. It helps build new behaviors. After every failure, one must take responsibility and correct it. For every success give others the credit.

StatementFinally, build leaders in your team. Challenge the team to do more with less. Do things that others fear. That’s what leaders are known for courage and principles. Keep learning; be a student of life. Move from IQ to EQ and SQ as you grow as a Leader. Intangibles are more potent than tangibles.

Leadership is not about age. Even the most qualified don’t make it. Leadership is a never-ending journey that is difficult to define. There are infinite facets of leadership, which requires a lifelong learning process. Continually evaluate yourself with respect to your cohort group. Challenge yourself to be the best amongst the best.

Wisdom lies in continually changing our behaviors to achieve the next level of success. Leaders are known to be critical of themselves, which helps them move into the space of Leadership. In the end, a Leader means you have followers. Followers happen only when they know they can just win because of you.

It may be an excellent question to ponder upon; is your personal focus win or is it to make others win? This question will step you into the shoes of a Leader.

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