Participating Wisely in Nation Building

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A nation is always powered by its ethos and dreams. If the consciousness of this planet is evolving so must a nation. This evolution must happen at material, intellectual and spiritual level all combined.  When we work, we contribute to the economy. Our consumption pattern of material, intellectual and spiritual elements contributes to overall growth and consciousness of the nation. An empowered individual coupled with families with strong values become the founding structures of a nation.

When an entrepreneur creates an organization with the intent of contributing to the nation, he or she creates a brand of repute. When organizations start investing in intellectual wealth and well being they continuously reinvent and beat all odds thereby helping the nation surmount all difficulties. However, with material and intellectual wealth when we test our values, ethics and when businesses operate through conscience, growth is a perpetual reality.

Teachers play a crucial role in the development of individual’s intellectual and spiritual growth. Where knowledge fails wisdom takes over. Economic, intellectual and spiritual growth must go hand in hand else the culture will deteriorate. Thus, teachers must be treasured if a nation wants to succeed.

People who have immense experience must become mentors to the leaders of the nation who carry the baton of creating a strong future. If age and experience are used as strategic assets, intellectual and spiritual stagnation will never occur. The energy of the young talent and the wisdom of mentors will inspire the growth of every nation.  Governments, business organizations and NGO’s must come together to focus on building healthy academic institutions. Corporate Social Responsibility in all its forms is thus an important aspect of nation building at the grass root level. When governments, business leaders, teachers, and mentors commit themselves to the cause of the nation, it becomes a force to reckon with, and these nations are unstoppable. True patriotism is undertaking all actions; which benefit the country. An incessantly evolving nation always provides the environment of growth for all.

The eternal truth that each and every evolving nation must follow is; may all be prosperous and be happy; may all be free from illness; may all see what is spiritual upliftment; may no one suffer and where we strive for peace is the only intent that makes great nations and this becomes the responsibility of one and all in every nation; only then would the nation shift its orbit of well being.


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