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A career at a conceptual level means making a personal choice of the contribution we wish to bestow to the ecosystem that we live in, and it has to be in line with our natural strengths and competencies. Making a career is not about aping successful people or individuals in the personal circle of relationships. It is well thought of choice made by assessing what is the purpose in life I wish to lead and how do I propose to lead it. It is not mandatory that all need to take a career call. It is perfectly fine to make choices based on situations.

However, once we do make a career choice, the life around us changes completely. Some are lucky to make it right at the beginning of their life. While some come to the mid-life crisis and make a choice and most continue doing what they are doing with an awareness that they cannot change course as risks are too high. So what is a successful career? Is it so abstract that it is just for a few blessed ones or is it a path that can be easily traversed? Let’s demystify it.

Every human being is born unique on this planet. Our strengths, talents, competencies, skill sets and life experiences are all a unique permutation and combination. Nature has created us perfectly in a way to do what we are meant to do. It is a unique contribution to the system around us, in our own creative way. It does not matter what our educational qualification is. Doctors have become great artists, engineers have become politicians, lawyers have taken on to social causes, and others have crafted some unique, unconventional careers. So it is a myth that career needs to be in line with educational qualifications. However, some young people make a choice based on their inner calling and pursue academics in line with it, they are the exceptionally lucky ones.

To determine our career choice and envision it, we must transport ourselves way ahead in the future and ask ourselves what we wish to see ourselves as. We may also ask a question on what is it that I enjoy doing the most and how can I convert it into a profession. Once that vision is created purely through a factor of feeling by keeping our mental paradigms aside we also need to now gauge what is the investment regarding time and effort that we must put in to make the best of our vision. For creating successful careers, one needs unrelenting focus, planning, dedication, and hard work. Also since it could be a very distinctive choice, we must believe in it completely and insulate ourselves from all social pressures. If the choice made is right, a series of coincidences commence immediately, and we feel we are on the right track. Career and passion go hand in hand. A true career option will make you excel for sure. It energizes you, keeps one intellectually and creatively stimulated which brings success easily. The financial gain here is a useful by-product.

Talk to your inner essence, your heart, and it will tell you what it yearns for. Do not be overwhelmed by hazards, you will surmount them. Submerge yourself in the light of that inner calling and carve a niche. Mondays will never create stress after that and Sundays remain fantastic. Seek the guidance of a mentor and evolve the right path. Commit to the path and do not back out ever to experience the beautiful journey of a successful career. Be amongst the few who became the best and remain the best.

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