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At the outset, I wish to state here that I am opening a Pandora’s box and the facts stated will generate mixed feelings. In my experience “Work-Life Balance” is a concept manipulated extensively by people who wish to interpret it falsely to their advantage. Let us first appreciate and understand the following regarding work-life balance:

  1. It is certainly not about compromising on work ethics, goals, and targets.
  2. As we move up the pyramid it is not about shirking responsibilities.
  3. It is not about just being at home or at work in a body without spirit.
  4. It is not just the organization’s responsibility to guarantee work-life balance; every individual must plan it for oneself. It is our personal “mantra.”

So what is work-life balance?

  • It is all about enjoying work and home simultaneously and is purely a state of mind. It is our personal responsibility.
  • It is about enjoying every moment invested with family and limiting time spent in needless bickering.
  • It is also about pursuing our hobbies and interests.
  • Most importantly it is the time invested in self-development and self-evolution.

While the above mentioned is important, the question is how do we get to it? Well, it is the way we look at it because it’s our life and we own every moment of it. The best approach out is to have a look at the options and limit your mindset. The approach to reach the solution is to:

  • Find your passion and pursue it. Not finding a passion is an excuse either given by people who do not wish to tread the unknown path or given by those who suffer from pure financial insecurities. There is no point in doing things that are choking you up.
  • An important position in corporate or social life requires more time to be spent at work. There is no point in getting frustrated. The choice is yours whether you want to take the position or not and once it is taken 100% must be given. The best way to succeed here is to select the performers and coach them. If the team is competent and empowered, work-life balance is a byproduct. Needless to say, the best is never a readymade solution, it has to be created.
  • Plan your vacations and spend money. Have an attitude to spend and save together. If your team is not delivering your vacations will always get called off.
  • Make a rule in life; avoid unpleasant people and deal with issues and close them, don’t keep them open and never look back. Success is always in future. Learn and move on.
  • Acquire life skills and have friends who can offer options and alternatives to problems in life.
  • Have fun with your family and keep the process of discovery on. Stale relationships always stink, so keep them energized and have fun as it is the only way to get forward in life.
  • Lastly, have your own ideal ratio of career and home. If the family is important to take a job which is not too demanding.

If you wish to make it big, set expectations with folks at home and give them time when you have it in your hands. Vacations become a must when you wish to make it big. Short breaks and long vacations both help a lot.


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