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Where are we? What is the purpose of this whole creation? These questions have been debated for centuries together. We are told that this world is nothing but a play where we enact our roles and go. This leads to further confusion. How is it that whatever we are experiencing is a play, something that is not true. The creation and all that is happening must have a purpose. The truth lies within us. It needs to be discovered and experienced only by us. So let us now look at all this with a different perspective altogether.

We all know that E = MC2 is a proven formula. This formula has been accepted, beyond doubt. This essentially means that all matter is ultimately energy. So we are all energy at a base level. We are an energy of the purest form beyond comprehension. We also know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. This is again a law of thermodynamics accepted by all. So we are eternal. Yet we love to debate our existence afterlife. We are all a creation of light, which is the purest form of energy. We are beings of light, love, and knowledge. Love is the only emotion that builds energy into us, and we are all here to seek knowledge and to evolve. This world is all about evolution and then involution. We are all here to grow in all aspects of reality.

Another theory is the creation of this world happened through a big bang. We may or may not choose to accept this theory. It is our own free choice. Planet Earth is manifested as a planet of free choice. The point is what caused it, whether the big bang or whichever way the world was created. We may have reached beyond DNA in the process of establishing our source of creation. But the question still remains that what is beyond, this beyond that created it? We are not going to debate whether God exists or not. It is a matter of faith. But surely there seems to be some force behind the creation, and there is definitely a purpose for it.

And then finally we need to understand what the meaning of this entire creation is. I am sure our intellectual faculty will tell us that all this creation has some meaning and purpose behind it. Nobody creates something for nothing. So we need to understand this and the basis of evolution.

If you wish to seek answers to such conflicts in life, then you need to turn inwards. The inner world is beautiful. It is a reality. It cannot be seen or experienced in our gross body and the gross world. It can be only experienced by turning inwards. The inner world is colorful, full of knowledge, empowered and one with the creation. What is the point in arguing about things, which we have not dwelled into? Whenever people debate over the concept of God or divinity or life beyond death or spiritual experience, it is futile. One, because it has to be experienced directly or the other option is surrender to the data already available and not question it. Thirdly, before you deny it, do some investigation and study yourself, become an authority on the topic, and then counter it with your knowledge. There is no point just denying it because something tells you it is all humbug; as it is beyond the comprehension of our gross senses. We have experienced enough anomalies in this creation, which were exposed through later inventions and discoveries. For example, a large spectrum of light not visible to us still exists. This is being discovered through new scientific instruments.

The world is experiencing a spiritual awakening, which our logical mind says is out of stresses that we go through in life. But this is a partial truth. We also know that all the prophecies like doomsday and world wars are not emerging true though the earlier prophecies were very accurate. There is a reason for this. Coincidences that we talk about are not a stroke of luck or fate but have a greater design to it. Incidentally, the biggest coincidence that has passed our imaginative minds is that the subatomic structure, of all matter animate and inanimate, is the same.

People are today so evolved that they have established direct contact with higher dimensions through Reiki, psychic healing, and psychic visions. People today are channeling higher information through mediums or automatic writing. People are also re-experiencing alternative healing therapies that tap into the healing energies of the Universe. They are keeping it to themselves for fear of being ridiculed. The Spiritual Renaissance is happening. The question is how many of us are strapped into the untrue logic and analysis. For some logic, there is a counter logic. The question is also how many of us are ready to give this spiritual knowledge a thought. All those who will give it a thought will surely see life in a different light and will seek abundance. So awaken to the ‘new age.’ It is the most happening thing today.

The fact is to embrace a new paradigm you first have to drop the old; else your mind will always color it.

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