Outbound Training – A Transformational Experience

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An experience is the best teacher. Once an experience happens, a new map gets created in the mind which alters our behavior. It is thus so true that a successful person always creates a new experience every time by doing different things. Outdoor learning is a wonderful simulated environment that enables participants to experience the outcome of their individual and collective behaviors. Also, the outdoor exercises create a perceived natural challenge that helps a person evaluate personal responses to the situation. I have personally been a witness to amazing transformations in participants. Outdoor creates the right environment for people to validate their responses and then take a decision on what to change. Adults, in my opinion, do not wish to go through jargon based theory sessions. Organizations looking at interventions for culture and attitude change can surely look at this option. Outdoor work is great for creating high-performance teams, assessments, quick and easy transfer of learning based on specific needs and also effective for cultural transformation. Care must be exercised that the choice of activities is in line with the needs. Needless to say, the debrief must connect with the corporate scenario once the activities are done. In my mind, OBT is a great tool which is still to be explored by organizations fully. It has incredible potential to transform individuals and organizations.

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