Dimensions of Political Risk in International Business

International Business investments are prone to Political Risks. Political risk is referred to as threats to business that decisions, events, and conditions including change of leadership & unrest in a country that would negatively impact the profitability and sustainability of investments owing to political and geopolitical developments. Political leadership plays a vital role in the... Continue Reading →

International Business-The Challenge of National Cultures & Creation of Inclusive Work Environment

Nations are characterized by their uniqueness of culture that creates a subtle identity even though it comprises varying subcultures. However, the core values and ethos remain unaltered at its deepest level over a long period though it does change over time. Though the cultures of different Nations differ, it is not easy to call out... Continue Reading →

Dimensions of International Marketing In Borderless Business

Business sustainability in the 21st Century demands an International presence irrespective of the type of product and services. In this global village, demand exists everywhere, and quality supplies can move quickly beyond borders. Internationalization of Marketing strategy is thus the critical aspect of business growth. International Product and Service Strategies present the following four dilemmas.... Continue Reading →

International Business & Strategic Fit of Supply Chains in the New World Order

International expansion is always a strategic objective in this Globalized World. The interdependence of countries requires the movement of goods and services across the continents. Thus International Supply Chain Design is seeing a renewed focus. Supply chains are the essence of business as they satisfy the essential utilities of time, place, form & possession, of... Continue Reading →

Borderless Business & National Specialization Key to Sustainable Economy & Business

The devastation of World War II led to an understanding that global cooperation is the only way for sustainable prosperity and well-being. The winds of change started with creating the Bretton Woods twins World Bank & IMF and later, GATT's creation and transformation into WTO. The rapid growth of National Economies that were collaborating through... Continue Reading →

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