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In my search for soft skills for alternative techniques of management, I discovered NLP an acronym for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is a great technology for personal excellence and business excellence. My endeavor over the next few weeks would be to help you become aware and experience this new technology of human excellence.

We always wonder, as to how is it that some people deliver exceptional performance however others just about manage to do to justice to the jobs they undertake. We all agree that in today’s fiercely competitive world, personal excellence is the key to success. Organizations are also investing in technology for continuous improvement of processes that would deliver great results. It is also emerging that investments in workshops and development programmes need to focus on soft skills also, apart from the motivational workshops and programmes. To bridge the gap between excellence and average performance you need to discover the power of NLP.

People have various views on NLP, such as a technology for personal excellence, a technology of achievement, study, and modeling of human excellence or technique to be at your best more often. For entrepreneurs and consultants, it is a technology for continuous improvement and achieving excellence in the operations.

NLP is all about human excellence and business excellence. Its evolution as a successful technology dates back to the 70s when Richard Bandler and John Grinder got together to study human excellence. Richard Bandler is a mathematician and a computer programmer and John Grinder, a linguist. After studying people who excelled in various fields, they christened the findings which evolved into a technology of excellence as ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming.’ Interestingly, the findings were that 95% of our behavior is patterned and thus we deliver more or less the same quality of results in similar situations. This technology further evolved and found a place in all areas demanding excellence worldwide.
As the name suggests, NLP is a synthesis that draws on the work of various fields and in particular neuroscience and linguistics. NLP works on the identification of limiting patterns and offers ways of overcoming them to work in our favor. NLP inferences, like the importance of being in sync with the other people and using preferred communication choices of people, have found a unique place in conventional management techniques. NLP is a great tool to build congruence in self and in the organization for achieving excellence. Congruence essentially means to ‘walk your talk.’  Its systematic approach through the model of logical levels of change helps identify the layer at which the change is required and take corrective action to bring about congruence.

Neuro in NLP is about our five senses, i.e., visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory. All our experiences in the brain are stored in the form of these five senses, a change in any of these results in a complete change of experience. This programming technique is a great tool to effect a change in experience to overcome any limiting experience. It is also useful for working on phobias, which are deterrents to our behavior patterns. The understanding the predominant sense of any individual is useful to work out various strategies of influence.

Linguistics is all about the way we communicate. It finds its importance in business because communication is the ‘currency of business.’ It is essential to use the right communication patterns to control any situation.

Programming is the way the experiences are coded. A study of this can identify limiting patterns hindering the process of excellence and help modify and enhance to bring about excellence in individuals and organizations.

NLP is thus the software to run our brains. The analogy could be that our brain is a superior computer the only difference is we are not born with a user manual. NLP thus provides you with the user manual.

NLP is best suited in achieving personal excellence, advertising, business processes, counseling, human resource development, sales and marketing, customer care, sports, and many other areas. In fact, it can be adapted to any field of excellence in part or whole.

We will be exploring the basics of NLP in the subsequent articles. So go ahead and discover the power of this technology.

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