Personal Mission-Path To Success II

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Each person is unique. Each person is here on this planet to make a difference. Each person has a unique set of capabilities. However, where are people heading? Without this unique contribution or the difference that we are here to make, we are no one. Today so many of us are wondering and groping in the dark, trying every opportunity that comes our way and then again wondering if we did the right thing, and then looking for something better. This endless search for better opportunities makes us ask a few important questions at certain critical junctions. People have defined this as a mid-life crisis. My belief is this does not necessarily happen midway in life. With the world now being faster than ever and time being crunched, even our crisis time has been crunched and starts appearing pretty early.

Anyone who discovers his unique contribution suddenly speeds into a space called success. Others who keep groping in the dark because they do not realize or consciously do not want to realize that they are now up against a wall continue to walk along the endless wall feeling frustrated; ultimately giving up in the hands of hope that something someday will come and be of help. Fase hopes for me is resigning to fate and lack of internal power to define expectations in life. When we do not have the power to define our expectations in life, we lead a dependant life, and nobody likes dependants. A dependant is a commodity that will always be used, always be manipulated, by people. Dependants are liabilities personally and professionally.

So where and how do we get the power to be independent? There is no secret. This power is within you, and it comes to you when you align yourself with a cause a unique contribution that you can make to this world. This contribution is not social service or a service of mankind through nirvana. It is your right to make money and be economically secure. But this money has to be made through a purpose. Or should I say, when you have purpose money comes on its own! Whether you are a professional in an organization or an entrepreneur, you can add value, and only from there a sense of satisfaction and learning comes. When learning stops, you stagnate and ultimately are of no consequence and are a write-off.

Discovering your personal mission is a serious activity in which everyone should get in. It is a fast and competitive career. A lot has to be done. Unless you know what your unique contribution is you cannot be on a fast track to success. A personal mission cannot be invented. It is within you, which you need to discover it. There is nothing religious about it; it is purely a selfish cause. But this mission has to be discovered and then it makes a vast difference to our quality of life.

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