Manoeuvring The Turbulent V Shaped Economic Recovery

To think that any V-shaped recovery of the economy from now onwards will be spontaneous and smooth is being naive. As a student of International Business and an Anthropologist, I have been studying consumer & business behaviors and Socio-Political behaviors, and the findings are fascinating.  The economy has its own characteristics of cycles, the bust... Continue Reading →

Organizational Human Resource Dynamics In The New World Order of Post-COVID19 Normal

Organisation Human Resource Dynamics must undergo a change to prosper Post-Pandemic. Reinvent your recruitment, development and performance management.

The VUCA Era of Design Thinking Tech Enabled Blended Learning​

The VUCA Era of Design Thinking Tech Enabled Blended Learning is the norm of the day. Digital Organizations are a reality and blended learning is the key to structured learning. The point is are we readily embracing it.

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