Energy Consciousness: An Unique Human Endowment

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Albert Einstein has proved that all matter is ultimately energy. The law of thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only undergo a change. The principles of energy management are instrumental in managing the business and in personal lives.

In the spiritual sense, ‘Prana’ or the life force is nothing but energy. The level of the ‘Prana’ in us impacts the quality of our life. Our behavior is an outcome of the level of the ‘Prana.’ Nature has provided us with abundant energy sources to raise our ‘Prana.’ This level of energy is expressed through the use of words like a warm person, energetic person, positive environment, etc.

Energy governs the essence of every relationship. When the transaction is conducive to people, they are actually giving each other energy, thus enjoying the fruits of the relationship. When we talk of a hostile relationship, the individuals are draining each other of energy. Typically, in an argument, we find individuals actually getting at each other. This phenomenon is essential to gain energy through control. Hence arguments are never-ending. All the individuals involved in an argument feel drained ultimately. The individual who is highly drained waits for an opportunity to get back. This is to draw the energy back.

It is a known experience that we feel very comfortable in a ‘home.’ A home is always associated with warmth. Love amongst its members generates a lot of energy. A ‘house’ which is low on energy is felt uncomfortable or cold. It could be a result of it being vacant for a long time or discontentment amongst its members. This also applies to organizations. Our body and mind are sensitive to energy in the environment around us, and it impacts our performance and behavior. Positive energy makes us vibrant while inappropriate energy builds stress in us. This stress then builds toxins and brings disease to our bodies.

In an organization with an environment of trust and cooperation, the energy is very positive. As against that in a manipulative environment, there is a build-up of inappropriate energy which essentially drains you of your energy. This can be felt very easily. Try entering a cabin of one of the most political and manipulative professionals. You would not have to investigate. Your built-in energy sensor would set off an alarm automatically. We therefore very often say intuitively “I somehow cannot trust this person.” Being aware of your energy sensor can actually help you evaluate a person and situations intuitively.

Each emotion has its own typical energy. Awareness of energy can help you increase your skills in man-management. It could become a great business tool also. Anger, hate, manipulation, fears, etc. drain an organization of energy. Even people with positive energy in these organizations will get stressed out in this environment because of the energy drain. Any organization with deficient energy needs a complete revamp. Adding an adequate number of positive people can build positive energy. One or two people cannot make a difference. People moving out for ‘greener pastures’ are essentially drained of their energy and hence look for an outside source to raise it.

Self-discovery workshops and personal development forums are a great help in building a positive environment. However, one needs to continue these positive activities in the organization and make every attempt to sort out employee issues. Convert your inappropriate energy to appropriate. Frustrations, backbiting, and politics can result in a sharp increase in inappropriate energy. Effective and regular counseling raises energy levels and makes the environment and people conducive to high performance.

As individuals, we need to avoid inappropriate energy places and people. These places can have a great impact on our moods and performance unless we know how to walk through clean. Meditation and physical exercises build positive energy. Proper breathing can also help build positive energy. They also enhance personality through inner peace. Excess negativity distorts the personality of the person owing to a lack of inner calm and peace. It affects health and performance negatively. These are irritable people everyone likes to avoid, given a choice. It is important to understand all negative emotions like fear, anger, frustration, approval-seeking, etc. drain our energy. The first step is to become aware of these emotions and the associated energy flow. We can then work towards overcoming these.

We have all the resources we need to keep the energy levels high. Start becoming aware that energy impacts the essence of our being. Organizations need to be conscious of their energy levels. Excess of negativity will never result in growth. Work towards energizing your organizations to align towards growth. Inappropriate energy results in decay. Positive attitude in employees can be inculcated only when the environment is positive and hence high on energy. So start experimenting with your energy sensors to become effective on the personal and professional front.

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